Wedding Cake Pricing

Cakes:  Cake pricing varies depending upon  complexity of design and flavors of cake. Our scratch made, amazing cakes are approximately 5" tall with three layers of cake and two layers of filling.  Barrister's Bakery is dedicated to creating the wedding cake of YOUR dreams, and there is a $350 minimum order requirement.  

Barrister's Bakery LLC takes limited cakes each month, and is Roanoke's only bakery focused exclusively on wedding and groom's cakes.  The number of cakes is limited to allow 100% dedication and absolute attention to every detail of your cake. 

Examples of starting prices for tiered wedding cakes are:

  • A 6"/8"/10" round tiered cake that feeds 76 - $456

  • A 4"/6"/8"/10" round tiered cake that feeds 82 - $492

  • A 6"/8"/10"/12" round tiered cake that feeds 132 - $792

  •  A 4"/6"/8"/10" square tiered cake that feeds 108 - $648

Cupcakes: Cupcake pricing begins at $2.50 per cupcake.  Cupcakes will only be made as part of an order for wedding desserts, and must meet the $350 minimum order requirement as part of the overall order.  Fondant or cardstock toppers may be added for an additional fee.

Custom cake toppers: Custom toppers can be created in either cardstock or fondant, such as 3D figures. Cardstock cake toppers are included at no extra charge for wedding cakes from our gallery of designs. For 3D fondant figurine toppers or specially designed cardstock toppers, price would vary depending upon design.  

Grooms cakes:  Grooms cakes can be made to match a theme or interest. Prices vary depending upon design and complexity.  Some cakes in the Groom's Cake Ideas gallery demonstrate the wide range of themes, including Dr. Who, Star Wars and baseball, for example.  Click here to view those cakes.

Delivery and Setup

All wedding cakes and wedding cupcakes require delivery.  Depending on design and height, groom's cakes may not require delivery. If the reception site is within two miles of my place of business, delivery is free.  Free delivery locations would include all of the downtown Roanoke venues, as well as the Maridor.  For all other locations within the Roanoke Valley, delivery fee will be $50. Delivery outside of the Roanoke Valley (i.e. Lynchburg) will vary depending upon location.


Tasting and Consultation

For weddings, we can set up an in-person tasting and consultation.  At the tasting, you will sample six cakes and 13 buttercream/filling combinations, and we will work together to design your dream cake.  

A fee of $30 is charged for the consultation which is given as a credit to your final payment for your wedding cake. 

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