"What kind of cake are you having?"  "What does the cake look like?"  "The wedding cake was amazing!"  Cake......it is frequently the center of conversation whenever there is or was a celebration of any kind.  You want to make sure yours is memorable.  In a good way!   The days of selecting a pre-set wedding cake design from a book full of dry, premade, tasteless, preservative-laden cakes are gone.  Bakers across the country are ushering in a new era of custom designed, freshly baked cakes.  Barrister's Bakery LLC is one shining example of such bespoke, customized quality cakes.  Take a peek around the site and see for yourself.  We can help YOU design a cake as unique as YOU.    

Marie Antoinette said it best. "Let them eat cake."

Gum paste cotton stalks and blackberries

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Barrister's Bakery is a home based bakery located in Roanoke, Virginia.