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Do You Know Your Cake Terminology?

For most people, planning a wedding cake is often your first forray into the custom cake ordering process. Just like with every specialized practice, there are terms of art thrown about in conversation. So, let's jump in and give a little primer on what terms Barrister's Bakery (or any other Roanoke area wedding cake baker) might use when you start planning your incredible wedding.

Tiers: the tiers are how many different sized cakes will be stacked to create your wedding cake. Example: a five tier cake would have five differently sized cakes comprising the whole of the wedding cake.

Layers: how many layers of cake are in tier. Barrister's Bakery always has three layers of cake and two layers of filling for each tier of the cake.

Buttercream: frosting made from butter (possibly shortening) and sugar. Some buttercream is made with cooked egg whites that are made into a meringue. Barrister's Bakery makes a mock Swiss Meringue buttercream with liquid egg whites (pasteurized), powdered sugar, butter, and flavoring. Trust me: you'll LOVE it! <3

Fondant: an edible play-dough made from sugar. Store bought fondant sometimes leaves a bit to be desired and is usually to blame for why there is a general dislike for fondant. At Barrister's Bakery, we make fondant from marshmallows, sugar, and vanilla and it is delish, if you decide to go that route.

Naked cake: a cake that has zero frosting on the outside of the tiers. Barrister's Bakery will not do naked cakes because they have a tendency to dry out on the outer edges of the layers.

Semi-naked cake: cake that has a "crumb coat" (or thin layer used to seal in the crumbs) over the tiers. This look leaves the cake peeking through the buttercream while locking in moisture.

These are the main terms you'll need to know when planning and booking a custom wedding cake bakery for your Roanoke area wedding. To set up a tasting with Barrister's Bakery for your upcoming dream day, please click here. Talk to you soon!


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