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More Than Just Flour, Eggs, and Sugar

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

While a cake is made with flour, eggs, and sugar, a wedding cake is so much more than the sum of its parts. Your wedding cake is a baker's tapestry equal to an artist's canvas, and is truly a piece of art to behold.

Finding the right baker for your wedding day is an important undertaking when planning your Roanoke area wedding. You need a baker that you can trust on a personal level, but also one who has the skill and precision to pull off the design and flavors that you want. Anyone can bake a cake, but not every baker can create an incredibly delicious AND beautiful wedding cake.

An average wedding cake takes hours to plan, shop for, bake, decorate, and deliver. The average amount of time that Barrister's Bakery spends on wedding cakes from start to finish is approximately 15 hours. Some wedding cakes take longer than that, as the more details there are to a design, the longer in takes to decorate. When you are quoted a price for a wedding cake, you are paying for ingredients and supplies for the cake itself, along with tools used to make your wedding cake, taxes, and overhead (electricity to bake the cake, water to wash the dishes, liability insurance, etc.). These costs are the smallest piece of the price, however.

The bulk of the cost is the labor to create your dream wedding cake. A quality baker will be continually perfecting and expanding their skillset and ability to cleanly decorate the design unique to your wedding cake. Those skills will be of utmost importance during those 15+ hours of baking and decorating the cake that will leave your closest family, friends, and loved ones talking about it for years to come.

The wedding cake is one of the most photographed parts of a reception, and you definitely don't want to have a "cake wreck" on your wedding day. Hiring a baker with experience in proper stacking and extensive decoration skills is the best way to ensure your cake will arrive to your Roanoke Valley wedding venue (or Bedford County, Franklin County, Botetourt County, or wherever you choose to marry your best friend!) not only in one piece but looking picture perfect! And hiring the right baker will also ensure that it will also taste AMAZING. <3

Barrister's Bakery is the Roanoke Valley's only bakery focused exclusively on creating delicious and masterful wedding cakes. Click here to set up a tasting. I can't wait to meet you both soon! <3


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