PreDesigned Perfection

You are knee deep in planning for your wedding day where you will be surrounded by those you love most in the world, most importantly your best friend and future spouse (squeee!).  You know you want an incredible cake, but don't want to spend a lot of time planning the details.  You love minimalism and elegance.  When you are looking for a cake, you want to make an easy decision with the ability to personalize it on your own.

Barrister's Bakery PreDesigned Perfection is the solution to satisfy those exact needs.  It will make your cake planning quick, easy and delicious.  PreDesigned Perfection cakes can be personalized by you, for you. Your guests will rave about the incredible wedding cake that you served them for years to come and how could they not with such perfection at the ready?

Buttercream Finish: PreDesigned Perfection has three gorgeous choices for the outside decoration including semi-naked, smooth buttercream or rustic buttercream. 

Decoration Embelishments: You have your choice of the following designs:

  1. A sheer ribbon lovingly wrapped around the middle tier that elegantly drapes downthe cake

  2. A gorgeous cascade of neutral colored sola wood flowers flowing from the bottom tier to the top tier

  3. A "blank slate" DIY cake that is beautifully finished with your choice of Buttercream Finish (semi-naked, smooth buttercream or rustic buttercream) and ready for your imagination to take hold.  This is the perfect way for you to use those magical crafting skills and add meaningful personal touches to your wedding day.

Flavors: All three tiers of the cake can be made in your choice of one of the three following incredible flavors: vanilla with vanilla buttercream, chocolate with vanilla buttercream or red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.  As difficult as it will be to chose from those three out-of-this-world flavors, the entire cake will be one flavor of cake with one flavor of buttercream.

Sizes and Costs:  PreDesigned Perfection cakes come in these perfect sizes:

  • 6"/8"/10" that serves 76 - $494 plus tax

  • 6"/9"/12" that serves 97 - $630 plus tax

  • 8"/10"/12" that serves 115 - $747 plus tax

Delivery: PreDesigned Perfection cakes must be picked up from Barrister's Bakery and are not able to be delivered. 

Cutting Guides: As the perfect hostess, you want every guest to get their little slice of heaven, so cutting guides are included with every order.  The guides have simple instructions for cutting each tier to make sure that you get enough slices to satisfy each guests longing for some incredible cake.   Also included are instructions for taking the cake apart for cutting and instructions on how to prep any fresh flowers that you may want to apply to the cake.

Cake Tastings: Cake tastings for PreDesigned Perfection cakes include three flavors of cake, including chocolate with vanilla buttercream, vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.  Cake tastings cost $30.


Booking:  Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you book your date the better the chance of availability on our calendar.  Due to the limited number of cakes that Barrister's Bakery accepts each month, dates are often booked far in advance.  To ensure the best possibility to feed your guests a Barrister's Bakery cake,  please set up a tasting eight to ten months ahead.

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