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Complete Couture Wedding Cakes

You have been dreaming about this day your entire life.  You can picture that perfect person who will be waiting for you at the end of the aisle (helllloooooo there!). And at the reception, an incredible wedding cake awaits you and your spouse (EEP! <3)  to cut together, hand in hand. This cake will be a complete showstopper and the compliments you get about it will surely make you blush.  Let's face it, when people share pictures of weddings, they aren't posting photos of the chair covers or the invitations - they post pictures the wedding CAKE!  

Barrister's Bakery Complete Couture is the answer to your wedding dreams. You can chose from any of our cake flavors, fruit fillings, and buttercream flavors.  Each fresh baked tier can be a different flavor combination. You get to completely customize the look of the cake and everything about the cake.  It will truly be a reflection of YOU as a couple (just in edible form which is pretty fantastic!).

Barrister's Bakery LLC takes limited wedding cakes each month, and is Roanoke's only bakery focused exclusively on wedding and groom's cakes.  The number of cakes is limited to allow 100% dedication and absolute attention to every detail of your cake.

Semi-naked wedding cake.jpg

Photographer: Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Venue: Penthouse at the Center In The Square

Special perks available only to Barrister's Bakery Complete Couture orders:

  1. Free delivery to all Downtown Roanoke venues, as well as The Maridor.

  2. Personalized birch or acrylic cake topper, which can even be customized to match your invitations or your monogram.

  3. Cupcakes for your vendors so you don't have to include them in your guest count to make sure that they, too, are treated to amazing cake!

  4. An anniversary cake, matched to your choice of one of your wedding cake flavors, all prepped and frozen for maximum ease.  Just take it home from the venue, pop it in the freezer, and relax until your one year anniversary. 

  5. Cake flavor boards for the wedding cake table to tell your guests what incredible flavors they get to eat!

  6. Use of any of our gorgeous cake stands.

  7. Personalized cake knife and serving set.

Earth tone floral wedding cake.jpg

Photographer: Anna Bowser Photography

Venue: Hunting Hills Country Club

Cakes:  Cake pricing varies depending upon  complexity of design and flavors of cake. Our scratch made, amazing cakes are approximately 5" tall with three layers of cake and two layers of filling.  There is a $500 minimum order requirement, and that order must include a three tiered cake.  The three tiered cake can be as small as a 4"/6"/8" cake which feeds 44 people, and can be supplemented with cupcakes to meet the minimum order requirement while at the same time satisfying the sweet tooth of all of your guests.  

Hand painted monogram wedding cake.jpg

Examples of starting prices for tiered wedding cakes are:​

  • A 4"/6"/8" round tiered cake that feeds 44 - $330

  • A 6"/8"/10" round tiered cake that feeds 76 - $570

  • A 4"/6"/8"/10" round tiered cake that feeds 82 - $615

  • A 6"/9"/12" round tiered cake that feeds 102 - $765

  • A 4"/6"/8"/10" square tiered cake that feeds 108 - $810

  • A 6"/8"/10"/12" round tiered cake that feeds 132 - $990

Cupcakes and cake cups: Cupcake pricing begins at $3 per cupcake; cake cups begin at $5 per cup.  Cupcakes and cake cups will only be made as part of an order for wedding desserts, and must meet the three tiered cake/$750 minimum order requirement as part of the overall order.  Fondant or cardstock toppers may be added for an additional fee.

Photographer: Lani Noelle Photography

Venue: The Establishment

Custom cake toppers: Custom toppers can be created in either birch, acrylic, or fondant, such as 3D figures. Simple birch or simple acrylic cake toppers are included at no extra charge for Complete Couture wedding cakes. For 3D fondant figurine toppers or specially designed toppers, price would vary depending upon design.  

Cake Tastings:  Cake tastings for Complete Couture cakes include six flavors of cake, including chocolate, lemon, vanilla, and red velvet.  You also get a choice of two of the following flavors:

  1. Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream;

  2. Italian cream cake with cream cheese buttercream (a rich buttery, pecan and coconut flavor); 

  3. Prosecco with strawberry buttercream;

  4. Spice cake with apple pie filling and salted caramel buttercream; and

  5. Espresso cake with salted caramel buttercream.


Our cake flavors are not limited to these flavors, but they are the most popular choices.  Fruit fillings will be raspberry, mixed berry and lemon curd.  The buttercream choices include vanilla, cream cheese, strawberry, chocolate, lavender, salted caramel, espresso, peanut butter, Bailey's Irish Cream, and cookies and cream. Cake tastings cost $30.

Setup and Delivery:  All Complete Couture cakes must be delivered to the venue.  Delivery is free for Complete Couture cakes to all Downtown Roanoke venues and The Maridor.  Set up and delivery for venues within Roanoke City, Roanoke County and Salem is $65, and venues outside of those areas is dependant upon mileage and time spent to deliver.

Booking:  Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you book your date the better the chance of availability on our calendar.  Due to the limited number of wedding cakes that Barrister's Bakery accepts each month, dates are often booked far in advance.  To ensure the best possibility to feed your guests a Barrister's Bakery wedding cake,  please set up a tasting eight to ten months ahead.

Incredible fondant rose marbled buttercr

Photographer: Fire Away Photography

Venue: Penthouse at the Center In The Square

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